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Exploring Milight



From heating candescent bulbs and cooler Fluorescent bulbs to recent energy efficient LED bulbs and finally the most advanced Milight with Apple iOS and Android light control, bulbs have traveled a significant journey to suit your demand of energy efficiency, easiness, and multi functionality. Milight is an incredible wifi LED light bulb with inbuilt remote light control, iphone lights control, ipad light control, tablet light control and other android device light control. It can be operated with almost every device with wifi connectivity such as iphones, ipads, ipods and tablets etc. If you do not wish to control lights from iphone, you can use the very handy remote control to operate lights.

Milight lights have endless features for your lighting, saving, easiness, and eco friendly concerns. Here are the most important features listed for your quick perusal:

Lighting Features

These iphone control lights can lit up the room in a way you desire with following features

  • 255 colors to select from
  • Control Your lights from anywhere in the world
  • 20 pre defined modes for uninterrupted lighting demands such as party mode etc
  • Dim control option can be activated with remote light control, iphone or Android
  • Milight is also available in white bulb with dim, cool light and warm light options
  • Has memory function to resume previous settings

Money Saving Features

Milight is extremely cost effective wifi light bulb with smart home lighting control. The features that add to its cost effectiveness:

  • Operates on as less as 6 watts
  • Produces 100 lumens per watt
  • Lasts up to 25 years or 50,000 hours
  • Less energy consumption means less electricity bills
  • No need to change the bulbs frequently
  • Same bulb can be used to control lights with iphone to work as night lamp, party lamp, spot focus lamp, and dimmer


The biggest ease with Milights is that entire home lighting or workplace lighting can easily be controlled with iphone or any other android device with wifi connectivity. Other important features to make it super easy lighting solution are:

  • Easy installation that does not require any electrician
  • Can easily fit to the regular B22 or E27 sockets as regular bulbs or CFLs
  • Separate sockets are also available in case you already do not have suitable sockets
  • Free and easy to setup application to be downloaded to your android device for wireless lighting control
  • Can also be operated with regular wall light switches or very handy remote control
  • All lights can easily be controlled with single iphone light switch

Can be used Commercialy

    • can be used in Shops
    • Photography Studios
    • Signages
    • Hospitals
    • Schools and Institutes
    • and many others

Milight App on Your Device

  • easy to download app
  • donwload from Google Play Store
  • download from Apple App Store

Can be still be operated from the wall switch

  • Milight can still be operated using the tradtional wall switch
  • Comes with memory function, the previous setting will resument when you power on again

Eco Friendly Features

Our generation is majorly concerned for only using Eco-friendly products and Milight fits the bill:

  • Consumes less energy
  • Minimum carbon footprint
  • Has no mercury
  • Use energy efficient LED technology

Milight is secure so only you and authorised phones can control your lights

Redefine Your Light Combination
Milight can give your home a fantatic new look

Why switch to Milight?

  • Milight is energy saving and long lasting
  • Change colour and dim your lights with your mobile phone or tablet
  • Take full control of your lights
  • Match the colour of your lights to the colour of your room easily
  • Switch on/off one or group of lights easily
  • Milight can be used in parties using the party mode

Milight compared to other light bulbs

  Milight Fluroglobes Incandescent Bulbs
Controllable with phone Yes No No
Technology LED Mecury Cathode
Wattage 3.6 W ~ 6 W From 15W From 60W
Voltage Any 86V to 264V Only 110V or 240V Only 110V or 240V
Immediate Brightness Yes No Yes
Power surge effects No effects Flickers Flickers
Durability 50,000 Hrs / 25 Years 9,000 Hours less than 1,000 Hours
Luminosity 100 Lumens Per Watts 60 Lumens Per Watts 16 Lumens per Watts
Colour Changeable Yes No No
Energy Saving Yes Yes No
Dimmable Yes No Yes
Mercury presence None Yes Yes

Available Milight socket fittings type

  • Bayonet cap B22
  • Edison Screw E26 and E27
  • Downlight
Embrace Milight and enjoy happy lighting solutions that suit your purpose and pocket. 

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That the easybulb RGB when set to colours like blue, red and green only use 3.6 Watts.

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